The upper part of the Brembana Valley

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The Brembana Valley is a territory that has different environments, from the urban areas of the valley floor to the towns in the middle of the upper parts of the green valley. Carona is located at the end of the valley, at an altitude of 1110m, among woods and near an artificial lake. We’ve born and raised here and we know how fascinating this place full of history and beauty can be.

Land of ancient history and tradition, the Brembana Valley was a place of frontier, set at the border between the Republic of Venice, the Duchy of Milan and the League of Grisons. In every part of the territory, it is possible to see proofs of this past, such as the ancient trade routes called “Via del Ferro” (Route of the Iron) and “Via Priula”. In the valley, you can also find old hamlets, rural places and places of worship, which you can visit discovering their ancient and precious value.

Mountains surround this environment, enriching it with their natural beauty. In the middle of this landscape, the upper part of the Brembana Valley (called “Alta Val Brembana”) offers many excursions, following mule tracks or the many alpine paths, suitable for different levels of skills. You will have the opportunity to get closer to the local fauna and flora and to observe herds during the mountain pastures, letting yourself be cradled by the beauty of the surrounding environment.

The upper part of the Brembana Valley offers many occasions of entertainment: from excursions by foot or on mountain bikes during the summer, to the ski slopes and the cultural events during the winter. Many different manifestations will take place during the days: dancing nights, culinary events, concerts, country festivals, sport events, exhibitions and local markets, group excursions and mountain festivals.

The upper part of the Brembana Valley will enchant you with its naturalistic and architectonic beauties: let yourself be enchanted!

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