A surprising culinary experience in the upper part of the Brembana Valley

Locanda dei Cantù is the mountain restaurant you will be surprised by.  

We’re loyal to the traditional cooking, but we add a bit of innovation and a lot of creativity.

Chef Igor, using genuine ingredients, delivers delicious dishes. He’s a true artist in the kitchen. 

Igor’s culinary ideas will be served in a very comfortable dining room that has a rustic and refined interior design, in which every detail tells a story: everyday life photos, snapshots of Carona and the Brembana Valley and a precious collection of items that many costumers left at the Locanda.

The elegance of tradition and the charm of innovation

Food and wine

Tasteful combinations between food and wines


We add our touch to the dishes of the local cuisine

Wedding venue

Your wedding reception in a rustic but elegant venue

Gourmet dining room

The pleasure of good cuisine with the people you love