The pearl of the Brembana Valley

Locanda dei Cantù is located in the historical centre of Carona, in the upper part of the Brembana Valley. Pearl of the Brembana Valley, the town is full of charm and poetry. In every season, Carona will offer you a magical and dreamy atmosphere, which will become a lasting memory. During the winter, you can spend your time skiing, while during the spring and the summer you can dedicate to many activities, such as trekking, mountain biking, the local adventure park or horseback ridings.

Situated at an altitude of 1110 metres, Carona is located near an artificial lake. During ancient times, the main activities were the extraction of iron, the cultivation of lands and the breeding of the livestock, and the extraction of “piode”, stones used for homes roofing. Through the centuries, the River Brembo has been important for the town: it has been useful for the construction of the Hydroelectric Power Plant of Carona, of dams and artificial lakes, of catchments and canals.

The hamlet of Pagliari is very peculiar; it is located in a fairy-tale-like atmosphere, where time seems to be stopped. With its houses built with the local stone and slate roofs, Pagliari has a rural soul, and it is a witness of times gone by. The hamlet has many paths and lanes that lead to the square near the Saint Gottardo’s Church; by walking, you will feel the magic of the place: a wonderful experience you’ll never forget.

If you spend your holiday at Locanda dei Cantù, you can have discounts on many of the touristic activities in Carona.

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