The pleasure of walking among the mountains of the Brembana Valley

Trekking is a complete activity for the body and the curious mind: while you walk, you can admire extraordinary landscapes.

The Brembana Valley offers many opportunities for trekking lovers. From the historical centre of Carona, following the indicated paths, you can reach the summits of the Bergamasque PreAlps (called “Orobie”). Here you can find the paths:

Rifugio Calvi
Starting from the hairpin turn located just above the town, you follow the service road, a dirt road, which leads to the hamlet of Pagliari. Continuing, you walk near the waterfalls of the Sambuzza Valley and the locality called “Dosso”. Then you continue on an easiest path, having the opportunity of admiring the lake Prato, the Costa della Mersa cabin and the lake Fregabolgia. You reach the Rifugio Calvi mountain hut, located at an altitude of 2006 metres, following a flat path that runs along the lake.

Height difference: around 850 metres
Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty: hiking trail
Rifugio Laghi Gemelli
The path starts from the Carona lake, going through a beautiful fir tree wood, thus reaching the Rifugio Fratelli Calvi mountain hut. If you continue, you reach the lake Marcio’s dam, which, if you run along it, continues to the paths leading the lake Becco and then the lake “delle Casere”. If you cross the small bridge located in the Gorno Valley, you’ll walk by a “casera” (mountain hut), then continuing towards the Rifugio Laghi Gemelli mountain hut (1961 metres), where you can admire the two lakes and the surrounding environment.

Height difference: around 900 metres
Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty: hiking trail
Passo di Publino
Starting from the locality called “il Dosso”, you reach the Rifugio Calvi mountain hut passing the hamlet of Pagliari and the waterfalls of the Sambuzza Valley. The path continues to reach the private mountain hut of Sambuzza Valley, then it continues to the Arale cabins and the lake of Sambuzza Valley. In the end, you’ll reach the Passo di Publino (located at an altitude of 2368 metres), passing the Bivacco Pedrinelli.

Height difference: around 900 metres
Duration: 2 hours and 40 minutes
Difficulty: hiking trail
Pagliari - Baita della Capra
From the hamlet of Pagliari you cross the River Brembo and you continue walking through the woods until you reach the “Dosso dei Signori” (“Bump of the Lords”). Continuing on the same path, commonly known as the “summer path”, you’ll reach the locality called “Baita della Capra” (“Cabin of the Goat”, located at an altitude of 1780 metres), from which you can continue to reach the Lake Fregabolgia and the Rifugio Fratelli Calvi mountain hut.

Height difference: around 675 metres
Duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes
Difficulty: hiking trail

Are you fond of trekking? Then you cannot miss these paths, which are walkable by expert hikers or not.

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You can star your hike without worrying where to accommodate!


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