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Biking through the trails of the Brembana Valley

If you can’t live an holiday without riding a bike or a mountain bike, then come to the Brembana Valley: you won’t regret it. The territory has many bike trails, of different levels of difficulty, that satisfy both those who’d like to do a relaxed bike, and those who love the thrill of steep paths.


In Carona you can find these trails:

Sentiero Storico Naturale Ronzoni

This trail starts from the town of Olmo al Brembo and follows many paths and old mule tracks still well preserved. These routes connect the towns of the valley and still show precious signs of the past, such as the Santuario dell’Addolorata (Sanctuary of the Sorrowful Lady) that goes back to the 11th century, a church full of art located in the Averara valley.

Piani d’Artavaggio e Rifugio A. Gherardi

A circle route starting from Sottochiesa, located in the beautiful and luxuriant Taleggio Valley, which has a lot of charm and tradition. Along this route, you can find dirt roads, paved roads and woods.

Passo San Marco – Via Priula e Via del Ferro

This suggestive route starts from Olmo to Brembo and leads to 2000 meters of the Passo San Marco (Saint Mark’s Pass), following the paved road. From Passo San Marco you will return to the starting point through an off-road track, which includes routes of great historical interest, such as the Via Priula and the ancient Via del Ferro.

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